Animal Olympics - Triple Jump 1.0.1

Animal Olympics - Triple Jump 1.0.1: Reach for the medal with speed and power! arrow keys on your keyboard alternatively for the kiwi to run, press the up arrow key to jump, and hold the up arrow key to set the jumping angle. When you are holding the up arrow key, a power gauge will appear on the screen, and you can release the key when the jumping angle is suitable, so that the kiwi will jump and land on the sand pit. Then the distance of the jump will be displayed, and the referee will determine whether the jump is foul or

Exterminator 1.0: A puzzle game where you create a sequence to destroy all insects in each level.
Exterminator 1.0

arrow blocks`. These blocks are all part of a sequence that can destroy each insect within the level, providing they are launched in the correct order. At the beginning of each level you choose one single block to launch first. That block releases its arrow. As the arrow moves along the board, it destroys everything it touches. When blocks are destroyed by the arrow, the arrow turns in the direction that the block was aiming to. If the arrow leaves

exterminate, bejeweled, bugs, puzzle, tetris, exterminator, insect, collapse, arrows

Small Arrow Icons 2013.1: A set of eye-catching arrow png icons created by professional artists!
Small Arrow Icons 2013.1

Small Arrow Icons is a comprehensive set of quality handcrafted arrow png icons coming in a variety of formats, resolutions and color depths! The set covers a range of actions and notions commonly associated with navigation and typical user behavior patterns: navigation in lists and wizards, playback controls, browsing, undo/redo actions, update and synchronization, authentication, scheduling, planning and much more!

icon, navigate, icon set, windows, icons, clipart, windows icons, design, toolbars, interface, png icons, portfolio, icon design

ArrowSlider 1.0: A sliding puzzle game for Windows, click tiles to slide in arrow direction.
ArrowSlider 1.0

Arrow Slider is a sliding puzzle game for Windows. Click on tiles to slide them in the arrow direction. Object of the game is to recreate the goal layout. 3 difficulty settings, on hard difficulty the tiles are numbered and you must also place them in correct order. The grid size and tile order are adjustable, as well as the horizontal or vertical layout.

sliding, slide, tile, puzzle, game, tiles, slider, arrows, arrow

AsteroidRush 2.0: Fun and entertaining. Destroy all asteroids and enemy ufo ships. For all ages.
AsteroidRush 2.0

Fun and entertaining. Destroy all asteroids and enemy ufo ships. For all ages. From a central position, maneuver your ship by using the side arrow keys. Use the Up arrow to fire and down arrow to release bombs. Shoot power ups to get faster shots, shields and bombs to save you from `no way out` situations.

freeware, fire, game, asteroids, bombs, ship

Juggling 1.4.0: How many balls can you juggle at the same time?
Juggling 1.4.0

In this game you need to juggle as many balls as possible. Press the left and right arrow keys to catch the balls falling on the left and right hands respectively. Release the arrow keys to toss the ball, the longer you press the arrow key, the higher the ball will be tossed.

clowns, juggle, action games, acrobatics, ball, ball juggling, juggling, acrobat, arcade games, jugglery

Arrow-Bar 1.0: Arrow-Bar v1.0 is an easy-to-use vertical navigation menu.
Arrow-Bar 1.0

Arrow-Bar v1.0 is an easy-to-use and completely customizable vertical navigation menu with custom cursor support (including support for special effects) and comes with a number of extra button sets. Arrow-Bar v1.0 provides a convenient way for visitors to navigate your site.

authoring, menus, navigation, toolbars, vertical, development, scripts, javascripts, rollovers, rollover, buttons, links

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